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2024 Poetry Winners

Congratulations to all of the talented young artists who entered the pilot K-12 Student Poetry Contest! 


Elementary School Winners

Food is my sunshine,  

And I am the plant that grows, 

I need food to live. 

Christina Cheng
Pinecrest Elementary

My belly grumbles.

It calls out to its true love.

Food, it's always you.

Reagan Emery
Westchester Elementary

Food makes me happy,

Taste buds dancing with delight,

Full tummy, smiles bright.

Mya Rueday
Twin Lakes Elementary

Middle School Winners


3     Food I chased

3     Nothing to Waste

0    Every single one to be embraced

6    so none will ever be displaced

7     And everyone can enjoy that       
       satisfying taste

Austin Cavaretta
WestGlades Middle 

3    Food is music

3    Filled with passion

1    Enjoyment

3   You are free

4   Food is unexpected music

Alma Pinzon
South Miami Middle Community School

3     Families and friends

3      Happily, gather around

3     The delicious food

2     Talking, laughter

2      Happy feelings

Vy Nguyen
Falcon Cove Middle 

High School Winners


Wasted food in trash

A crime against nature's gift.

Hunger cries unheard.

Jonathan Jimenez-morejon
Miami Southridge Senior High

Parent's purest love,

Lunch boxes, soups, and peeled fruit.

Food, the taste of home.

Alexa Gomez
Miami-Dade Virtual School

Warm, pale, wrinkled hands

Tossing, teasing, soft thick dough

Her love is roti

Rashmi karthik
Mast academy

3 Rich with stories

3 mutual amongst strangers

1 together

4 cuisine doesn’t only nourish

5 It also supplies with bonds

Sasha Chernikov
MASt academy


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