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Sports Teams

Sustainability on and off the Field

Sports franchises have a unique opportunity to make a real impact in reducing food waste! By partnering with local communities and food banks, teams can redirect surplus concession stand food to those in need. Additionally, teams can use their platforms to educate fans about mindful consumption, encouraging responsible food choices and reducing overall waste. Through these initiatives, sports teams not only score environmental points but also foster a sense of community engagement and responsibility, demonstrating that even the world of sports can play a significant role in tackling food waste.

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Have Food to Donate and Need to Arrange a Pick Up?

Food recovery organizations are a great resource to help donate surplus food from your venue. Some national organizations are available in your area:

  • Food - Through our platform, we connect organizations with surplus food to communities in need, championing sustainability by diverting edible food away from landfills. All for free.

  • Food Rescue US - Using our web-based app, we engage volunteers to transfer fresh food surpluses from local businesses to social service agencies serving the food insecure.

  • Careit - Food donation and rescue software that makes it easy for businesses and institutions to donate surplus food and goods directly to local nonprofits.

IDEAS to Partner in Food Waste Prevention Week

Player Participation

Create a 30 second pre-recorded video for social media and jumbotron during a game.

Promote fwpw

Promote Food Waste Prevention Week through all available channels: marquee, jumbotron, arena signage, fan newsletters, social media, etc.

Become a Partner

Register as a partner, follow us on social media, and use our Partner Toolkit to schedule pre-made social media posts during the week or create your own.

Community Service

Host a gleaning event, collect food for your local Food Bank, or create a food rescue event.

Halftime games

During halftime, play games like Food Waste Trivia or Recycle Relay.

Host an in-person Event

Host a Bread to Tap event or a similar in-person event to educate fans.

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