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We have a little something for everyone. 

Sponsors, Partners, Schools, Sports Teams, Libraries, Households, you...
From social media, art contests, webinars, and service opportunities to teaching resources, in-person events, and more, Food Waste Prevention Week 2024 offers a way for everyone to get involved in promoting food waste awareness and education. 


Is your organization passionate about reducing food waste? We'd love you to join us for Food Waste Prevention Week 2024! Consider becoming an official partner (it's FREE!), and gain access to tons of incredible communication resources that make it easy to educate and inspire people about this issue. 


Our Sponsors make all of this possible! Sponsorship funds are handled by the Food Conservation Alliance, and support our traditional and digital advertising initiatives, social media campaign, website, Student Art Contest, and Teacher Workshop. We can't do this without you!

Food Waste Hero Scorecard

Commit to reducing food waste by filling out the Food Waste Hero Scorecard. Tally up your score and share your commitment to reducing food waste by posting on your social media. Make sure to tag us @foodwastepreventionweek!

Individuals and Households

Get involved by sharing on social media, tuning in to one of our webinars, joining the Art Contest, or attending one of our local events. Follow us on X @savethefoodweek or on Facebook and Instagram @foodwastepreventionweek. Invite your partners, colleagues and friends to join us.

Sports Teams

Food Waste Prevention Week and the Green Sports Alliance have teamed up to offer tools and easy-to-use ideas for how your team can get involved with spreading the word about food waste. 


Check out our variety of resources for restaurants to use to incorporate food waste prevention.


Join us for one of our free webinars, with topics for everyone from government organizations to business owners to everyday people who want to learn how to reduce food waste in their sphere of influence. 

Partner Toolkit

We've got tons of fantastic resources to help your organization learn about food waste and spread the word about what we can do about it. Start with our easy-to-use Toolkit and explore all the Bonus Resources linked inside.


Get ready to unleash your creativity and culinary skills! Enter our exciting art contest and cooking challenge for a chance to showcase your talent and win fabulous prizes. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a food waste master chef, this is your opportunity to shine.

Community Events

Check out our variety of online and nationwide in-person events during Food Waste Prevention Week 2024 and beyond, from Bread-to-Tap events where breweries craft up-cycled bread brews, to gleaning events, to food drives, and more. View our volunteering flyer below.


The Wasted Food Action Alliance has created an easy-to-use guide for how libraries can be community leaders in promoting Food Waste Prevention Week!

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