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Food Waste Prevention Week partners are hosting in-person and online events all over! From Bread to Tap to gleaning to local panel presentations to community service, there's a way for everyone to get involved!

Please visit our Webinars page for a comprehensive list of upcoming Food Waste webinars.

Hosting an in-person event?

Fill out the form below for us to feature your event on our events calendar! Need more information on how to host an in-person event? Click here to watch our webinar.

No upcoming events at the moment

host a Bread to Tap event!


Bread to Tap is an event hosted at a local brewery, and usually includes food, local resources, a food drive, and a limited-release beer made with recovered bread donated from local bakeries.


We have all the resources you need to host one of these events with a local brewery in your area, including suggested brew recipes, social media and print flyer templates, food waste trivia decks, event checklists, and more! 

Host a Restaurant Event

Restaurants are in a special position to communicate with the public about food waste. If your restaurant is interested in being a part of Food Waste Prevention Week, click the link below to learn more about hosting a restaurant event.

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