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About Us

A Shared passion for food, families and the environment 

who we are

Our planning team represents a variety of stakeholders across the food, business, government and environmental education sectors that share a passion for reducing food waste to address food insecurity in our communities, save families money, and support a healthier environment. 

So what's the (short) backstory?


After meeting with the founders of California's Food Waste Prevention Week in 2020, our Florida collaborative decided to make Florida Food Waste Prevention Week a reality. (Here's a little extra backstory involving the 2019 ReFED Food Waste Solutions Summit if you're interested!) After a wildly successful inaugural year in 2021, more states, cities and organizations have joined what has become the Food Waste Prevention Week movement.


We experienced huge growth in 2023, with more than 600 partners across 48 states (and 11 countries!) who have joined our mission to educate and inspire real cultural change on food waste! 

We're excited and humbled to be a part of something that is truly moving the needle on reducing food waste, supporting a healthier environment, saving families money, and addressing food insecurity in our communities. 

Our food waste fighting Team

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